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THE POP EXPOSE 'Will G.I.Joe Return to Retail' By MS! 
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 THE POP EXPOSE 'Will G.I.Joe Return to Retail' By MS!
Can G.I. Joe ever bounce back into retail?

The past few years G.I. Joe moved to an online collectors market and officially pulled the plug on producing any further action figures. I think someone upstairs realized they had raped their most loyal fans on top of NOT bringing in any new fans and basically killed the future of the franchise with greed and selfishness. Maybe someone realized they needed to cut it off now and regroup to hold any fans that might be forgiving. Maybe I’m just being negative and Joe was dying at retail anyways or maybe they took all the money they made and banked it for one huge kick ass reboot. I thought about the upcoming Snake Eyes movie in the works for the reboot of G.I. Joe figures at retail, but I’m not sure if that would be enough to do a complete reboot of all the great characters and figures we were accustomed to all these years.

So then I was thinking would they take a couple years off and try and reboot with a modern version of the Stars and Stripes figures much like they did back in 1997 to reboot the Joe line that had died in 1994. Of course most of the creative team who had a passion for G.I. Joe had been let go and the new figures were just repaints, but it still gave fans hope for the G.I. Joe franchise. I think they would need to bring maybe a character or two that they have not made as a modern figure, I’m pretty sure there are a few, perhaps a Mega Marine or a Star Brigade, something like that and make a sweet version for retail. Then there is always the reboot of G.I Joe by reproducing the original O-ring Joes such as the Vintage Star Wars figures coming up in 2020. I’m sure every one of us here would buy the original straight arm style figures. Which in my opinion would be a great reboot especially as the original 1982 figures are getting brittle and in some cases I have had figures arms and legs basically disintegrate in my hands. Which I guess a couple years would bring us into a 40 year anniversary, so it would be a perfect reboot.

It would be nice to see a reboot of some sorts to keep the great G.I. Joe legacy alive. Perhaps it will take someone or a few someones to have the passion and vision that the original creators had back in the early eighties to create something so special and widespread as they did way back then. It would take a team that was looking at more then dollar signs and someone that had a passion for G.I. Joe to keep the brand alive and bring in the younger crowd to fall in love with a toy as much as we all did. If a 40th reboot of original straight arm figures were to come about, I think the franchise would make enough to produce some of the figures the average Joe couldn’t get when they shot up to $50.00 a pop. Perhaps they could even create a few new characters and/or maybe a new sub group of classic characters in a new type of uniform. There are a lot of things that could be done here, I just hope its sooner then later. I know that the production of Joe's has not had that long of a break but it has been a couple years since we have seen any at retail, I would love to see some basic figures at Dollar General that could be scooped up cheap for customizing and Army builders. So hopefully Hasbro jumps on something soon and kicks out some sort of new G.I. Joe line.

Do you expect to see G.I.Joe at retail again soon? Let us know your thoughts below!



Sun Nov 03, 2019 12:23 pm
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Post Re: THE POP EXPOSE 'Will G.I.Joe Return to Retail' By MS!
The modern era Joes hit in 2007 and were supposed to be two one of a kind five figure sets and that was it.
Then they sold so well that Hasbro took notice and made a few more.
The resurgence then along with the popularity of Transformers at the box office gave Hasbro an incentive to try to boost the lie with a movie.
The 2009 GIJOE movie helped push the toy lines, but Renegades being relegated to just "The Hub" gave GIJOE too weak of a presence in entertainment, also Renegade was nothing like the movie. What was like the movie, was the video game which gave us the great character of Helix and sadly Operation HISS, a poorly made CGI cartoon that was only on the Hasbro website and briefly a comic.
A glut of too many Rise of Cobra figures that did not sell scared retailers.
The Hasbro tried once again in 2013 with Retaliation but the movie's delay hurt the retail release of figures. Figures were released as a movie line, then pulled back, and then put back on shelves again once the movie hit theaters.
Video games have had little traction other than among the established fan base.
Comics are a dead medium, even the best selling comics don't get enough attention to make retailers take notice.
The loss of Toys R Us really hurt hasbro's sales. They have had to regroup and rethink the way they do business.

Hopefully the production delays on Snake Eyes won't conflict with Hasbro's planned release schedule.
G.I.Joe is now a movie line like Avengers or Spiderman etc. It is all up in the air and a relaunch of non movie figures would hinge on the movie being successful.
Getting G.I. Joe out of the challenger brand category is an uphill battle.

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Sun Nov 03, 2019 9:13 pm
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