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THE POP EXPOSE 'G.I.JOE Live Action' by Mitchell Smith! 
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 THE POP EXPOSE 'G.I.JOE Live Action' by Mitchell Smith!
I have always wondered where G.I. Joe went wrong when they hit the big screen. It seemed like they had some success, but maybe they should have held to the comics and the animated series more. I love the uniqueness of each character. The movie had every character in the same uniform, but I think what makes G.I. Joe so great is all the different uniforms and specialties. Each character was easily identifiable by their uniform.

I would have loved to see some Shipwreck and Footloose, some Dusty and Alpine, and some Airtight and Barbecue. Characters who helped define the G.I. Joe franchise. Some characters that we all grew up with. Instead of seeing them in a generic black suit or a modern day camo scheme, I would have rather had some of the classic uniforms brought to life on the big screen. Even if they put a modern twist on them such as they did to Snake Eyes and Storm shadow. It would have been cool to see some Eels or some Crimson Guards. They could have put a couple characters in modern military uniforms, but I would have loved to see some of the great classic characters in their respective uniforms. I just thought that would have been a big pull for fans, but that’s just my 2 cents worth.

Are you a fan of the G.I.Joe Live Action Movie excelerator suits or the black composite body armor? Or were you hoping to see modern versions of your favorite character uniforms on the big screen? Do you think Hasbro should listen to fans and put real homages to the classic uniforms in the upcoming G.I.Joe movies from Paramount Pictures? Sound off with your opinions below!




Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:31 am
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Post Re: THE POP EXPOSE 'G.I.JOE Live Action' by Mitchell Smith!
I am one of the few who liked Retaliation, I did not like Rise of Cobra.
There are those who do like it but it was definitely not GIJOE in any shape or form to me.
Retaliation tried to fix things but Rise of Cobra took it too far away.

Stephen Sommers, is a terrible director.
Here are his Rotten Tomatoes scores: ... en_sommers

I think the biggest problem is that GIJOE has so many faces over so many decades.
What do you do? Do you go into the Joe of the sixties, the seventies, the eighties, the nineties, or the two thousands to set your story.
Do you go comic? Do you go cartoon? Which cartoon? which comic publisher?
Do you go military? Do you go Sci Fi?
GIJOE is something different for every generation of fan and that is a problem.
The best thing to do is start from scratch with new characters, new stories. But then it is a GIJOE movie only in name.

Rise of Coba had costume problems that stemmed from Hollywood being afraid of spandex in X-Men so they made everyone wear black.
Black was the costume color of choice for heroes in 2007-9.
Rise of Cobra just followed the trend.

There was some good casting done for GIJOE.
Tatum, Park, Nichols, Miller, Byung Hung Lee, JGL, all were great casting choices.
Writing in Damon Wayans for pure comic relief was a bad choice. Wayans is not that funny (see Dungeons and Dragons) and GIJOE's humor is shared, all the characters in the comics and especially the cartoons, will quip off a funny line now and then.
Comic relief is a bad poor choice of a character. Let everyone have a line. In fact comic relief characters are... annoying and boring in any movie.
Sticking GIJOE into a movie formula grinder killed it.

Eccleston, Quaid, Vosloo, Said, and triple A were all bad choices for casting into the characters they played.

Tatum hated the script and was disappointed once he was cast. Since then he has found his groove and has become a better actor. He could play Duke today and I bet it would be done very differently.

Sommers used GIJOE. He stuck in the accelerator suits, an old movie pitch of his that no one would buy. He wanted to do a James Bond scene all his life. He put in the underwater scene which is straight out of a Bond film ( and a few of the cartoon eps. )

I think the main problem here has been how GIJOE is perceived in that community.
Much like how a toy book is perceived in comics. Or was perceived the day that they hunted for GIJOE and everyone but Hama turned it down.

Movie to sell toys. Toys. Paramount saw toys. They did not see the source material for what it was nor did they care. They were paid to make a movie to sell toys. No A list would touch it. It was a write it, shoot it, get it in theaters and forget about it, attitude.

That is the main problem with GIJOE and live action. Perception.

Paramount, Hollywood, they are out of ideas.

Jon M Chu, tried very hard with Retaliation but met resistance from Sommers and DiBonaventura.
The very best scene in both movies was the eleven minute direct homage to the Silent Issue.

The costumes were much better and improved by Louise Mingenbach. Ironically she also improved the X-men's costumes.

Where did it go wrong?
Trying to change the wheel, but only changing the hub.

The comics are the story of Snake Eyes and Beattie did not understand that. Beattie might not have even wanted to tackle writing for a mute character.
Instead they took some elements of the cartoon, had zero understanding of who the characters were, and just made a movie to sell toys and sweep under the rug.

They tried to re-invent the wheel like they successfully did (financially at least) with Transformers.
The GIJOE live action films were doomed from the beginning.

Paramount does not know what to do with GIJOE nor understand it.
or do they?
want EELs?

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Sun Jun 03, 2018 1:23 pm
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