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THE POP EXPOSE 'Would You Compete in This Game Show'? 
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 THE POP EXPOSE 'Would You Compete in This Game Show'?
Story By Mitchell Smith

Would you participate in this game show?

We were talking about the NHL playoffs at the office this past week and some of the shots that players block. This got me thinking about creating a game show where you choose a sporting event and compete against a professional athlete for a chance to win money. The easier sports would be less money and the value would go up the harder the sport or as the chance of beating the athlete decreased . Now sense this is hypothetical I may break out the DeLorean to travel back to some of the all time greats or just far enough back to their heyday to try and make it interesting. So here we go. First up I’m going to just toss out a dollar amount for all intensive purposes. Say $10,000 to go 9 holes with Tiger Woods. Now you have to beat him so if you catch him on a bad day there is a chance you could win. Your body shouldn’t take any type of beating so good luck.

Next up would be a home run derby. Gonna ask Bill and Ted for some help to draw 5 of the best for round 1, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGuire, some of these guys may have been juicing, and I’m pretty sure the Big Bambino was hopped up on beer and hot dogs, but beating all five should bring you about $25, 000.00. Next up you and Kevin Hart will play 2 on 2 against Jordan and Barkley in their heyday. Jordan in his heyday was one of the all time greatest clutch players and all around great players, and Barkley was a beast. The 2 had some of the greatest battles against each other over the years. They also were part of the first Olympic Dream team, so beating these 2 together would be a major accomplishment for about $100, 000. 00. Lets not forget there are some great women athletes out there who would beat the crap out of most of us normal guys. You and Kaley Cuoco take on Venus and Serena Williams. A tennis ball is not that hard but at 128 MPH you might just move aside rather then get stung by one of their serves. Kaley was a ranked armature tennis player but the Williams sisters are undefeated in doubles play. Probably not going to beat them but if you did $250,000.00 sounds fair for a prize.

Hockey has some of the toughest players in the world. You and all time great goalie Dominik Hasek need to stop Paul Coffey and Zdeno Chara from scoring. The twist here is Hasek is 12 years old. I’m sure a 12 year old will have his hands full with a 100+ MPH slap shot. You might think twice about blocking a shot with your body but sacrifice would be worth $500,00.00. The NFL has had some vicious players over the years and some of the greatest hits we have ever seen in any sport. You and current Joe Montana have to score against all time greats Lawrence Taylor and Ray Lewis in their heyday. The kicker though is you have to take a full blown tackle from both if you do score. Either way it will cost you your head to gain $750,000.00. Last but not least for 1 million dollars you have to last one round against Mike Tyson. His punch is compared to putting an old yellow telephone book against your head and getting hit with a baseball bat. The million sounds tempting but you might not live to spend it. This is just a goofy fantasy game show that I thought would be interesting to compare how great some of our histories athletes really are. Some are just not human but taking home the grand prize would be something out of this world.

Would you play? Let us know below!



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