Get the skinny on "The Rise of Skywalker"
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Author:  skinny [ Sat Dec 21, 2019 10:10 am ]
Post subject:  Get the skinny on "The Rise of Skywalker"

I think and therefore I have an opinion.

I think that the worst thing to come from the Disney trilogy or the DT as those who love to make acronyms for everything say is not flying frozen Leia. It is not a “Mary Sue” ( God I hate that term and any other so called tropes.) Rey, It is not Reylo, it is not Galaxy’s Edge as a shopping center/thrill ride.
It is division.
There is a long standing rift in the community of Star Wars fans. All based on opinion, nostalgia, selfishness, entitlement. There have always been those who vehemently think their version or their vision of what Star Wars should be, whether it is what figures they should make, or that they make too many of one figure like Vader, or even Han shot first (he did) is the only one. That, my friends is narcissistic.

What I am saying here is that the divisiveness has intensified with social media. It is all too easy to opine about the latest episode of the Mandalorian. All too easy to disagree with an actor, producer, a special effects artist just because they did not make what you see in your head. Actors are not immune either to opinining. That particular gap and distance has all but been eliminated with social media.
There is also the human tendency to do as Don Henley sings in “Dirty Laundry”

Kick 'em when they're up
Kick 'em when they're down
Kick 'em when they're stiff
Kick 'em all around.

When we become attached to something we have a tendency to think that we can do better, we also have a tendency to say that if you like what I don’t like, you are wrong. Which since it is all based on opinion is in itself… well… wrong.

Look, what we have is a movie saga that because it told a story so well, because it challenged a stale industry and invented the blockbuster, because it focused on making people like characters, nay adore and worship characters (how many of you have Star Wars figures or art or something on display) it became personal, for some it became a part of themselves.

So all this week I see varying opinions. Some say they loved the Rise of Skywalker. Some, the ones who have entrenched themselves as hating everything about this trilogy or in fact any Disney Star Wars movie, are not backing down. In my opinion those people are now so incensed with anything Disney does that is not remotely reverential to 1977, or that is interpreted as an agenda, is something they can never enjoy. It is a sad state of affairs.

I don’t find this odd or striking in any respect. Fans are passionate. Some fans are just not able to hold it in. The advent of social media has suddenly made everyone’s opinion valid at least to themselves they think it is enforceable and influential that maybe if they say they love or hate something enough, eventually people will come around to their way of thinking. This is not a good thing.

What this has done is divide. Not only divide but segregate. If you love it, you find others who love it and cut those who don’t out of your feed. It has become common practice to block and cut the toxicity out of your life. Toxicity being anything that does not jibe with your own opinion. That is fine and probably healthy for interaction with someone who lives thousands of miles away you will never ever see in person. However I now see where people are being cut out of other people’s lives because they are toxic, not in some distant country or state, but next door.

Look; you have to interact with people, it is ingrained in us to interact and those who do not are fighting human nature. You still have to talk to the teller at the bank, work with that guy who never showers, and even live next door to that person who lets their dog crap on your lawn.

While standing in line to go to the Rise of Skywalker, try to remember that when the person behind you states their opinion that they did not like Rogue One. That they did like Solo. If you did not like either of those movies don’t engage in debate. Try to find a common ground. You are both fans of something that has been around for 42 years. Someone who created flying Leia thought that was cool and a neat idea. You may not think so but someone else does. Although that may be a rarity. There is an entire generation that is at odds with the previous generation. Yet another generation has been created and this is their Star Wars like it or not.

So the next time someone says they hate this or they love that and you don’t agree, just smile and nod or if you are online, just don’t click the like button or the reply button. You can certainly think it but you are not going to win over someone or win a meaningless online debate.
Be passionate, but be tolerant, and smart.

The word I would attribute to The Rise of Skywalker is redemption.

What we have is 2 hours and 35 minutes of everything you were (probably) expecting.
It wraps everything up in the Skywalker saga.
It looks and feels like Star Wars.
It does not diverge from the Lucas formula which is based on the centuries old way of telling the heroic myth. You have the conflict with Rey, the conflict with Kylo, the conflict between the Resistance and the Final Order and of course a super weapon that must be destroyed.
The Empire is bad and evil and the good guys of the Resistance must save the galaxy.

The acting was probably the most solid acting these principal actors have done to date. They are finally understanding just who these characters are and their part in the universe. The earlier movies suffered a bit from the actors just not knowing who they were. Their eventual place. Their character. You see that is what was so endearing to people about the original trilogy. It was the characters and the theme of a bunch of friends fighting not only to save the galaxy but to save their friends. This is tantamount in combat and has been said over and over. You are not fighting for country, or a principle, maybe at first, but in the end you are fighting for that guy in the foxhole with you.
The Rise of Skywalker brings that back.

Rise of Skywalker, I would say is my favorite of the new trilogy, it tries to respect what came before and it also has the monumental task of undoing most of the middle film. It does not completely dismiss the middle film though. I have seen people saying it was too rushed and it had to be. There are many story telling elements of the second act that were missing, where the hero or heros face adversity and then we are allowed to see the final act. The hero completing their arc. The Rise of Skywalker has elements of both the second and third act
There are twists and turns, new things and old.

Favorite new character?
Zorri Bliss. Keri Russell has to do the same thing Pedro Pascal has to do. Act in a mask. In one scene she uses her eyes alone to convey exactly how she is feeling at that moment. It is pretty intense.

When I dream about a show or movie after viewing, I know it has impacted me. I did have a dream involving this story. I also dreamt about the Walking Dead zombies or at least I used to when I watched the series so I don't know if that is exactly a good example of whether or not a dream matters. But hey it is out there now. I have weird dreams, so sue me.

The best advice I can give is not to be influenced by any opinions online. You form your own. I would recommend it and I will give it a repeat viewing.

Author:  deltadod [ Sat Dec 21, 2019 12:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Get the skinny on "The Rise of Skywalker"

I agree with all of this and that it IS the best of the new trilogy(a trilogy of trilogies hmm) but that's MY basic opinons(though I wish they had told us where MaZ GOT THE "sKYWALKER SABER"(AS I CALL IT) BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING JUST MAKE THE BEST OF WHAT YOU do GET.

Author:  skinny [ Sat Dec 21, 2019 4:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Get the skinny on "The Rise of Skywalker"

I think Maz is like the coat check person for lightsabers. Who knows what other sabers she has lying around. Lot of dead Jedi and Sith lords throughout history.

Author:  ⚡ Kal-El ⚡ [ Sun Dec 22, 2019 11:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Get the skinny on "The Rise of Skywalker"

skinny wrote:
I think Maz is like the coat check person for lightsabers. Who knows what other sabers she has lying around. Lot of dead Jedi and Sith lords throughout history.

I think i am going to enjoy it when i get to see it. I did read spoilers, and i liked everything that i have read. Plus i have always enjoyed J.J. Abrams work.

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